Top Computer Programming Schools

To maximize one’s earnings in the field of computer science one should pay heed to acquiring degrees in colleges and universities. This will offer them a good amount of ROI or return investment over time. To emerge as a developer, one has to get a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institute to make him stand on firm grounds. Many educational institutes provide computer programming skills:

Stanford University: The Computer Science Department of Stanford University opened in 1965. It is the most exalted and the oldest programs. Undergraduate students enrolled in Computer Science get a break to involve themselves in research with the best type of faculty available worldwide. The students have the chance to engage in training and to take part in discussions for initial courses. Different students get scopes like jobs and internships in the proximity of Silicon Valley. Necessary classes are Programming Abstractions, Introductory Electronics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Systems Principles and Computer Organization and Systems.

Princeton University: The program offered by Princeton University is bendable. It grants students to get a degree computer science in major via the B.S.E. or A.B. graduate program. The course also permits students to customize their studies in the formation of interdisciplinary areas. It also offers the students opportunity in engaging in advance research or even in entrepreneurial works. Requisite courses for the program incorporate Algorithms and Data Structures, Organization and Computer Architecture, Information Technology and Public Policy, Algorithms for Computational Biology, Reasoning about Computation, and Compiling Techniques.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: The Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department is the most extensive UG MIT program. The program is famous for its inclination towards novelty and its educational quality. A Student enrolled in the program learns for solving the problems in unusual and tricky ways by working with abstraction and modeling procedures. The process fortifies their ability and makes them ready to get top posts as bioengineers or software engineers. Students get exposed to higher-tech materials like mathematical robotics and computer theory. Besides carrying out an optional individualistic study and research possibilities, students are stimulated to partake in concentration field’s classes as Signals and Systems, Numerical Methods, Nanotechnology, Devices, and Materials, Graphics and Human-Computer Interfaces, Computer Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Applied Physics.

Yale university: The Computer Science Department offers a span of outstanding programs, that include B.A in Computer Sciences, a Bachelor of Science and, and even combined Master’s and Bachelor’s programs. With the Departments of Mathematics, Psychology and Electrical Engineering the university also gives joint majors which is unique in its own way. Each program is immersed in the liberal arts; learners even have the chance to finish second major programs like Theater or even Economics Studies. This course offers a wide range of optional electives which provides immense flexibility to students in creating their future. Learners also have the scope to enter into exciting research. The elementary classes including:

  • Intro to Systems Programming and Computer Organization
  • Intensive Algorithms
  • Computer Science Mathematical Tools
  • Introduction to Information Systems Law
  • Technology
  • Culture and Introduction to Computing and Programming.

University of California, Berkley: Berkeley University’s Bachelor of Arts in Computer Sciences gives technical leadership in different industries and long-term research careers. The program gives learners the training required to expect prospective developments—and also for initiating developments while being enrolled in their studies. It also provides a development program in Basic Programming Skills for employment in entry-level. This course allows students to finish the equal of a minor program to gain familiarity and money in the field. The classes include Productive Use of the UNIX Environment, JAVA for Programmers, , Scheme and Functional Programming for Programmers, Matlab for Programmers, Introduction to Computational Thinking with Data, and Foundations of Data Science.

California Institute of Technology: California Institute of Technology proffers a major course in Computer Science. It offers a firm ground in the algorithmic, computing and mathematical foundations. Students get access to advanced and innovative research in many sub-disciplines. They also comprehend the idea of applying their understandings and concepts of computation to further tracts. The course schedule has notable flexibility which allows student engagement in many tracks including database, graphics, robotics, and others. The students also take part in a array of core classes. The capstone project offers soaring researchers a chance to organize an independent working field. Other classes that the students must take up are Distributed Computing, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Scientific Fundamentals, Tractability and Decidability, Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Introduction to Algorithms.… Read The Rest

Programming Languages Guide For Mobile App Development 2020

A programming language is a set of rules for performing algorithms in computing devices. There are two types of programming languages- (i) Low-Level Language and (ii) High-Level Language. Low-Level Language can further be categorized into two-(i) Machine Language (1GL) and (ii) Assembly Language(2GL). Low-Level Language is easier to understand by computer. High-Level Language is of three types-(i) Procedural-Oriented Language (3GL), (ii) Problem-Oriented language (4GL) and (iii) Natural language (5GL). High-Level Language is like human language and vocabulary. It is easier to learn by human beings. There are several languages for developing a mobile app.

  1. Java: Java is the most essential, highly enrolled, and prominent app for coding. It is used for developing android app, back-end web frameworks, and for developing desktop applications. Java uses JVM, which functions fluently in every system. Java provides engineers with fluent and error-less mobile app development. 
  2. PHP: Zend Technologies developed PHP in 1995, which is a server-side scripting language. One can create all types of mobile applications, web applications, and dynamic websites can by using PHP. Many other uses of PHP include- creating Facebook apps, GUI, PDFs, image processing, and content management systems.
  3. Python: Various business organizations and other enterprises prefer Python as a programming language as it offers a better experience by users and better results. The primary, natural, and unmistakable syntax of Python, corresponding English, has placed it as among ten best programming languages.
  4. C++: C++ inherited its syntax from C. It helps to develop cross-platform mobile apps with its special debugging characteristics. C++ has more ability than to create mobile apps. It can aid in creating operating systems and complex applications like creating Google Chrome, Paypal, Photoshop. 
  5. Kotlin: Kotlin is an object-oriented language. It is comparatively clean than Java though its structure is quite similar to it. Kotlin supports nearly all the IDEs, including SDK toolkit and Android Studio. It supports JVM or Java virtual machine. Further, Kotlin can be mixed with JavaScript source code. 
  6. HTML5: HTML5 is the fifth version of Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. One can build a web-fronted mobile app. HTML5 is not specifically designed for mobile app development. One has to use with various other apps as Javascript. One can develop games as it supports both audios and videos. Popular apps that use HTML5 technology include Google Drive and Google Docs. Various mobile and computer browsers are made using HTML5. 
  7. Objective-C: It is a programming language used for general purposes. Objective-C is a variation of C programming. Before Swift was developed, Apple used it for developing OS X and iOS. Objective-C allows one to create every kind of application, as many apps rely on the frameworks provided by Objective-C. 
  8. jQuery: One can diminish many issues related to cross-browser java-script using jQuery. The friendly format of the syntax of jQuery helps the users to navigate the document freely and conveniently. It also aids in to choose the right elements in DOM or Document Objective Model, to make Ajax applications, to manage events, and to create animations. 
  9. SQL: The full form of SQL is Structured Query Language. Structured Query Language is a domain-specific language intended for designing stream processing in RDBMS. The SQL database is a standard database that is also adopted by ISO and ANSI. In SQL, one does not need to write ample amounts of code to organize a database system.
  10. GoLang: Go, or GoLang is a programming language developed by Google. The special features include multithreading which is the reason why organizations that depend on distributed systems use GoLang. GoLang comes with an inclusive quotidian library. There are various inbuilt features and functions useful for simple primitive programs. But for complex ones, it creates some problems as it does not come with a virtual machine.
  11. Buildfire.js: Buildfire.js make use of the Javascript and BuildFire SDK to permit developers to create mobile apps with the support of BuildFire back-end at an unparalleled rate. BuildFire already provides 70% of the standard business use cases. This allows the developers to construct only unique things specific for the clients rather than beginning from scratch. 
  12. C#: C# or C Sharp is a multi-paradigm and object-oriented programming language. One can create almost everything using C#, like gaming, mobile apps, web services, and server applications. 

This is not a comprehensive list. There are several other programming languages such as Swift, R, Corona, Lua, Rust, ObjectPascal, Ruby, QML, Perl, ActionScript, Scratch, Boo, Scheme and so on. … Read The Rest

The PHP Frameworks We’re Using in 2020

“PHP” is a recursive acronym that stands for “Hypertext Pre-Processor”, and is one of the most popular open source server side scripting languages in the world. Customization and simplification are the two most striking features of PHP that makes the complex process of coding for the most powerful apps a dodle. In fact, PHP has been developed into some of the most efficient and desirable frameworks to be found anywhere, like Laravel and Symfony. Some of our favorite PHP frameworks are listed below.


This framework has been in use since 2005. It is thus recognized as most reliable for developing web applications. Its origins as a PHP MVC framework ensures that it is covered by the high standards for all PHP web development application. Similar to Laravel, the most highly regarded of all PHP frameworks, some of the features are quite surprising. Components that are reusable and modular make for extremely fast development, which requires very little memory space. Its innate flexibility allows integration with other projects like Drupal. Interoperability is built in, so that software building blocks such as translation and forms management can be conveniently used by developers. But Symfony is not for beginners, and its complex security mechanism is meant only for experienced professionals. This is is only drawback, but it does create a limitation.


The Framework comes with pre-built modules, making coding very simple and quick. The simple set of libraries, the high speed, the ease of learning, and stability make this framework absolutely formidable.


This is a CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) framework, and great for beginners. Released in 2005, its expansible architecture makes very attractive indeed.


The Laravel Framework is PHP’s most popular open source framework. Introduced in 2011, Laravel can be used to build the most sturdy web applications. This is because the most usual tasks like routing, caching, security, and authentication are made easy to incorporate and execute. Customization of apps to the developers requirements , such as security, data migration, and MVC architecture, comes easy in this Framework. Web applications secutity is high level, and this itself is the best recommendation to use Laravel . But Laravel is still a work in progress, and receives continuous support from its vast audience of developers, who are constantly updating Laravel for use by the community. All in all, this is probably the Best of the PHP Frameworks on offer in 2020.


The Zend is community oriented, and has an extended base with the community. High performance with super speed makes it a pleasure to use. Its library components are lightweight, and yet have tremendous functionality. Extreme malleability allows developers to create and customize their own apps for their specific needs. Special Zend components extend the choice of developers to improve functionality. Its object oriented framework is suitable for most developer’s needs.


The release of this Framework in 2008 signalled the incorporation and use of “lazy loading” technique, which ensured high speed loading. This feature was a sensation when released first, but now it has become an industry standard. Yii also has some striking advantages which make it stand out against its competitors. It is lightweight , and yet its performance is surprisingly fast and accurate. Security is one of the great features of Yii, and can protect webs from cookie tampering and SQL injection. Ecommerce projects and CMS forums are its specific area of application, and that is why it is popular. But it has one major drawback: complex web apps cannot be created with Yii. This has limited its application somewhat.


This PHP micro-Framework is one of the best for APIs. It is simple, easy to learn for beginners, and user-friendly.


The HVMC architecture ensures web apps with extremely powerful and high performance. Now around nine years old, it is still considered new. But its ease of application and the feature of independent components make it very attractive to developers.


The special feature of this app to display more than one page at a time makes it a favorite of developers and this is because this framework supports both MVC and HMVC architecture. Constant updating is improving this framework continuously, such as the update in 2019.


Phalcon is a preferred Framework for developers who do not want to learn C programming language first. Instead, it is a C-extension language. It was written using C and Coo language. Released in 2012, it is a full stack framework. It is feature-rich, and includes caching, asset management and universal autoloader. Its use of minimal space allows it to operate at astounding speed. At the same time, it is really easy for even beginners to install and use.… Read The Rest

Examining jQuery

Among many of the e-libraries jQuery is the easiest one that simplifies web applications especially HTML. It is an Javascript open source library which makes the navigation simple as well as make its creation easy to go. Mainly it simplifies document object model creations and its manipulations. It also works on XML, and asynchronous event handling. So basically jQuery is a set of Javascript libraries which specifically simplifies HTML documents, Ajax animations and event handling. jQuery doesn’t require more effort for coding so it is a simple and less coding needed set of Javascript. Before jQuery was created most of the developers used Javascript to create the web designs and frameworks but it was time consuming as well as complicated in terms of coding and web browsing. So to simplify the process group of web developers created a set of Javascript libraries which was more powerful and easy. So both are the same languages but it is a modified version of Javascripts that simplifies the HTML documents mainly.

Difference in jQuery and JavaScript:

Mainly it focuses on working in less coding. It is mainly optimized to work in a simplified way with a variety of web developers. It takes less time in animation and event handling for most of the web browsers. Most of the Javascripts libraries work in a complex and large coding manner as compared to jQuery, that’s why this is the most used library in today’s time. Some projects need specific coding functions which are only available in traditional javascripts but jQuery can also make their styles scripted in its manner too. So it is a quick and more smart script as compared to others. Javascript still has difficulties to work on cross browsers but in the case of jQuery it can work with a variety of browsers in a simplified manner. So it is a less effort webtool which gives more results to get desired framework in a simple and light manner. As in Javascripts a lot of coding is required so jQuery can shorten those codes and lines in a simplified single line of coding wrap which makes the content more focused. That’s why it is the most popular yet most used library these days by many big names like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Netflix etc. In addition to simplifying the HTML codes and documents it also works on animations and graphic effects. DOM means documents objects model, it also can manipulate these programs as well as it can handle AJAX and HTML events with ease and less coding. Beside this it can also manipulate CSS scripts and utilities with a variety of browsers including cross browsers too which can not be worked with other Javascripts.


It helps to create dynamic web pages which provide a more powerful framework. These web pages are also helpful in making diverse web applications and their manipulation in scripts if required. In order to simplify the content first it separates HTML and Javascript libraries so that web developers can use these events separately and easily. With its shorthand functions it can make the content more clear and precise. Beside that it has the quality to add new methods and events to the previous elements so it has adaption quality which makes it more friendly to users. It can also work with other Javascripts that were being used highly before it. Because of its key features it became highly popular among web users as it is now used by top of the websites and used by more than 74% of users worldwide after its launch in 2006.

By its jQuery plug-in feature it became more accessible and extensible for manipulating events. As it has an open source engine called Sizzle it enhances the work efficiency with different varieties of web browsers. It can control asynchronous processing of lines and codes and also provide detection of features. The most important feature of jQuery is it can cope up with both modern browsers as well as old browsers which makes it compatible to all the browsers.

So it is a wrap up of many Javascript files which includes HTML, DOM, AJAX events and their files with manipulation and scripting of different files and their events in a less coding service for all the different web developers and browsers.… Read The Rest

computer science degree

Jobs And Careers You Can Have With A Computer Science Degree

So you have pursued computer science and now clueless which path to choose. Well, let’s first state that computer science is an extremely relevant and popular course a degree in this subject can set a rewarding career for you.

After completing a degree course in computer science you are bound to be spoilt with choices. But just so you don’t get confused, let’s quickly mention some of the high paid and interesting jobs that you can venture with your valuable degree.

Anyway, without any further ado, let’s take a deeper look at them!

Software Developer

A software developer can develop various software programs to help the users perform several tasks on various devices including computer, tablet, and mobile. He/she also conducts research, develop, testing, and maintenance of the software.

The developers need to have adequate technical expertise to provide proper solutions to various computer related problems. They have to be fluent in computer language so as to write various codes for the programs.

Database Administrator

Database administrators can analyze and consequently evaluate the data requirement of the users. They can develop as well as improve various data resources for storing and retrieving critical messages.

They should have various problem solving skills in computer science to identify and then rectify any malfunctions in the databases and to modify the systems to deliver a superior user experience.

Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer is responsible for designing, planning, developing, and the testing various computer components like routers, circuit boards, and memory devices.

The computer hardware engineers should have a sense of creativity as well as technical expertise. They also have to know the latest trends in the contemporary digital field to create high end hardware that can accommodate the latest software applications and programs.

Computer hardware engineers should have the competency to perform various tests of systems time and again. This ensures that the hardware is perfectly performing. The ultimate aim of the computer hardware engineers is to ensure a superb user experience. Naturally they need to be well aware of the latest trends in the ever changing digital forum.

Computer System Analysts

Computer system analysts can assess the computer systems of any organizations and suggests which changes are necessary in their hardware and software to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. Interpersonal skill is extremely essential for any computer system analysts since they have to communicate with the employees and the managers regularly. They have to convince the management as well as the staff about the efficacy of the latest technology and how adopting this technological solution can help them meet their business goals.

For the same reason they must be well aware of the latest technologies. Their craving for learning continually keeps them updated about the latest trends in the digital forum and the cutting edge technologies.

They also require some business skills to understand which tech solution can better suit the type of the business. Business system analysts or business analysts too have the same job role.

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects can plan, design, execute, and finally maintain the data communication systems and networking such as local area network, intranets, extranets, and wide area networks. They can also assess the requirements of the organizations for sharing data and communicating.

They should be able to evaluate the services and products available in the contemporary market. They need to test the systems even before implementing it or resolving any problems when these occur during setup. They should also have profound knowledge in analytic skill to evaluate any computer networks.

Web Developer

Web developers can understand and assess the requirements of the users for any information based resource. They can create the tech structure of the websites and ensure that the web pages are easily navigable, functional, and easily downloadable through various system interfaces and browsers, and devices.

They can structure sites for maximizing the number of the page views and the visitors through an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process. They should have required creativity and fundamental communication skill to make sure that the site can cater to the users’ demands.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts can make various systems for protecting websites and information networks from any security breaches or cyber crime. They need to learn the latest trends in data security for anticipating any problem and installing proper systems to prevent such unprecedented issues to occur in future.

They should have convincing communication skill and strong problem solving skill to investigate the crime and decide upon its causes and provide proper solution. They may have to repair security systems so adequate skills are necessary.

So, as you can see, there are various rewarding careers open for anyone with a computer science degree. Opt for your favorite one.… Read The Rest