About Us

Lewis Media was founded by a coding bootcamp alumnus to offer a comprehensive resource for future students to learn about programming and the best opportunities to learn programming languages and developing related skills.

We have observed and participated in the growth of coding bootcamps and programming schools. We know that getting into the world of programming and finding the right program can be challenging. Lewis Media is here to provide answers to the questions that we had starting out and to help future programmers find what they need to achieve their educational and career goals.

The Lewis Media Team

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Ashwin Reddy
Founder & CEO

After working in different jobs and industries and struggling to pay college debt thoughout his young adult years, Ashwin became discouraged about his career prospects and work life. He joined a programming bootcamp with a friend on a whim and it had a profound effect on him. After being recruited for a great job straight out of bootcamp Ash continued to work and expand his skillset. He looked back on his path of education and what it got him and felt that more people needed to know about the educational path that he discovered and that was the start of Lewis Media. He has since found like minded people to work with him and continues to grow the company to position it as an invaluable resource for prospective programming students.

Heather Nguyen
Content Editor
Elle McCann
Product Manager
Darrel Kawamura
Product Manager
Marcus Murphy
Outreach Manager